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Time Will Tell

by Badger

Released 2014
Released 2014
The debut solo album from Pat Badger (bassist of the band, EXTREME)! Pat Badger teamed up with power pop maestro, BLEU to bring you a unique blend of hard rock and power pop and we are sure it will be in your top favorite albums of 2014!
The last year or so has been incredible for me on a personal note. It was so much fun creating the Badger album with the help of some amazing musicians, Pledge Music and all of the pledgers that supported the project! THANK YOU! And of course taking on the role of lead singer, I really spread my wings on this one! I had a few rough years on a personal note and it really inspired me to write some lyrics and let it all out. Not all of the songs are autobiographical, but I definitely got on the microphone and purged!