welcome to PATBADGER.net and to the home of the "nasty ass honey badgers"!




Pat Badger is the bassist of the band EXTREME. It all started when four Boston-bred kids joined forces in the late 80s to form Extreme. With an original new sound and groundbreaking records, the foursome was immediately recognized as innovators in the world of rock & roll. The band has described their music as "Funky Metal" in the early days, but it would evolve much more in the mid-90s by blending classic rock influences with post-grunge and alternative rock.

The band's popularity was fueled by guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt’s signature style, Gary Cherone’s resonant vocals and socially conscious lyrics, Pat Badger’s rock solid bass and backing vocals, and the hard hitting Kevin Figueiredo on drums (since 2006) after the departure of Paul Geary and Mike Mangini. Their unwavering song craft and diverse musical approaches earned the band multi-platinum albums with chart topping hits, a Grammy nomination and sold-out tours all over the globe. 

In 2014, Pat really spread his wings and recorded his first solo album. BADGER - TIME WILL TELL was created when Bleu (one of Pat's favorite artists and songwriters) sent Pat a batch of 35 songs and he was so inspired to record some of them that he jumped on the phone asking Bleu to come to Boston to start recording at Ice Station Zebra with Grammy award winning engineer Ducky Carlisle.

Pat had no hesitation to call Kevin Figueiredo (the other half of Extreme's rhythm section) to be a part of the new album. Pat started talking to Joe Pessia about the project and over the summer played him some of the tracks and he was equally impressed with the songs, so he started working immediately with Pat, Bleu and Kevin. This album shows a unique side to Pat Badger musically and lyrically that Extreme fans will appreciate! This unique blend of Modern Rock and Power-pop will surely be in your CD or mp3 player in heavy rotation!

In 2016 Pat had another surge of inspiration to create a "fictional band" called The Nasty Ass Honey Badgers. He once again called upon some of his friends to collaborate on the mini-album. With a heavier guitar driven sound than Time Will Tell, guitarists Doug Aldrich, Justin Hawkins, Eric Clemenzi and Dave Pino simply shred like ravenous honey badgers. Guest vocalists Gary Cherone (Extreme) and Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) trade off on an inspirational song about the Salem Witch trials. "Gallows Hill" is one of the highlights on the album along with the anthemic "Evil Queen"!